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[su_column size=”2/5″][su_box title=”Do you have an Emergency Plan?” box style=”glass” box_color=”#06068c” title_color=”#ffffff”]Almost 50% of companies hit by severe crises never reopen. A well prepared disaster plan is a necessity for all businesses and organizations. A critical part of any written Emergency Procedure Guide includes pre-selecting a multi-faceted restoration contractor.

The day after a disaster is not the time to search for a restoration or emergency response contractor.

Moreover, when a regional disaster occurs, you may NOT be able to secure a local dependable emergency service.

Ask us about our PRIORITY
A solid process of disaster preparation can make the difference. By working together through the PREP, we can shorten YOUR Businesses’ contractor.[/su_box][/su_column]

In the hours following a disaster, chaos reigns. We start the mitigation process by bringing order to
the scene. We begin by helping your team determine what items – office furniture, equipment, electronics, appliances and personal belongings – can be saved. Then, we quickly work on carefully packing out all of those items for storage and inventory.

We will thoroughly clean and store the contents of your office in our facilities until your facility is ready to house them again. Our inventory software allows us to do real-time inventory management which claims adjusters and property managers appreciate.

      You will always have access to your inventory list which includes photographs of all your contents.

“Safe and secure handling of your possessions, until you are ready for delivery, is of great importance.” 

After a structure has sustained damage due to fire, water, mold, or weather-related events,  the contents of your office must often be moved from the site and stored elsewhere until restoration work is completed.

When an office or business area cannot be occupied, moving items can speed up the cleaning and
reconstruction process. Moving can also protect the property from potential damage of the restoration process. Moving contents also minimizes losses from vandalism, theft, and weather-related events.

Items are inventoried so you know what items were salvaged. We leave unsalvaged items at the loss site. If needed, we can provide an inventory of unsalvaged belongings. During “packout”, we wrap, box, and tag items that can be restored or salvaged. We blanket wrap all large furniture to properly protect each piece.

Next, we move your items to our 30,000 square foot climate-controlled facility where the cleaning and restoration process begins. Because we have partnerships with dry cleaning and emergency textile laundering services, soft goods like uniforms can be cleaned and delivered to you within 48 hours.

Should you need items during the restoration process, please call and we’ll drop the needed items at your temporary location or you can pick them up at our secure storage facility. Once restoration is complete and you are ready for delivery, we return restored contents and furnishings to their original location.

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