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Insured losses due to natural disasters in the United States in 2014 totaled $15.3 billion

Severe thunderstorm losses exceeded $12.3 billion, the fourth highest annual total on record.

Damages from winter storms/snow damage are estimated to exceed $2.3 billion.


The Priority Response Emergency Plan (PREP) is designed to give businesses and organizations the ADVANCE tools so they are well prepared to get their business running again as quickly as possible after a mild or severe disaster.

Every company is susceptible to disaster. A study by Datapro Research Company found that almost 50 percent of companies hit by severe crises never reopen and that another 29 percent fail within two years.   

A well prepared disaster plan is a necessity for all businesses and organizations. Insurance is a critical factor in risk management, but insurance is not the sole remedy.

A critical part of any written Emergency Procedure Guide includes pre-selecting a multi-faceted restoration contractor. The day after a disaster, when the management team faces incredible stress, is not the time to search for a restoration or emergency response contractor.  Moreover, when a regional disaster occurs, you may NOT be able to secure a local dependable emergency services contractor.

The Solution = PREP

Business Survival is the goal.  Pre-disaster planning is a critical success factor. Damage Doctors is ready with the equipment, manpower and knowledge to assist in the recovery. By working together through the PREP, we can shorten the recovery time and save every
one dollars.

When disaster strikes, Damage Doctors’ customers benefit from preferential service, which is defined in advance: with fixed priorities, emergency measures, responsibilities and staff training. Your business can be certain that all necessary steps are taken immediately, with no delay.

Damage Doctors is highly experienced in emergency response and disaster mitigation. As specialized experts, we make sure that your valuable time is not wasted and that everything possible is being done to ensure minimal disruption of business. Simultaneously, we are focused on coordinating the immediate response measures and taking the necessary measures to prevent secondary damage.

Our skilled staff is ready to assist in completing the PREP Guide and our obvious goal is to be your disaster response contractor of choice when a disaster strikes!

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I first want to say how much we appreciate the quick and intense response. Damage Doctors stepped in and remediated with urgency and professionalism. They were courteous to our employees and accommodated all our requests.

David S. – Muncie, IN

May 28, 2015

I direct a property management company. We have had several occasions where we needed Damage Doctors to assist with water damage. Every time, they were responsive, calling me back within minutes.  They were on site when needed and had the appropriate equipment to handle the situation.  This team is a well-oiled machine and knows how to get the job done. 


Rod H. – BSU Cribs – Muncie, IN

July 29, 2015

I have a leak issue with mold that needs to be repaired. I had you guys buried at the time that this came up, so I called XXXX X XXXX.   I now remember why I always call you first. Can you please fit this in ASAP!  Thanks for everything!

Mandy M. – Property Manager – Muncie, IN

September 1, 2015


The PREP Guide can provide:

  • A roadmap to manage a crisis.
  • Protection of corporate assets.
  • Tools to facilitate resumption of normal operations.
  • Guidance to ensure the survival of the operation.
  • A guide for how to direct resources to key recovery areas.

Rather than question the possibility of a disaster, a professional facility manager or a property manager should ask, “What could happen, and when?” Whether a natural disaster strikes, such as a severe storm or flood or a  common man-made emergency like fire, smoke, pipe burst or mold – preparation allows for speedy handling, minimizing loss and reducing expense.


Damage Doctors provides:

  • 24-hour emergency response
  • Fleet of truck-mounted restoration equipment
  • Water extraction equipment
  • Commercial Building Drying Machines
  • Immediate Board-up and Tarping
  • Complete cleaning, deodorization
  • Contents removal
  • Death or injury scene clean-up
  • Emergency management consulting
  • National IICRC Certified Restorers on staff

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