Meth Lab Clean Up Services

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   State approved to provide inspection, testing and cleanup services throughout Indiana.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) has determined Damage Doctors has met the required criterion to become a State Qualified Inspector for Illegal Drug Lab Cleanups. This designation will allow us to serve as a community resource to help fight this growing problem in our region.

Over the years, illegal drug labs have grown into an epidemic for Indiana and specifically Delaware and surrounding counties. Damage Doctors has been a long-time provider of residential restoration and mitigation-related cleaning services and we are committed to leading the way in attacking this widespread problem.

Brad Shreve – President, Damage Doctors

Meth is a blue collar drug and can be made at home. Its manufacture has been more refined where it can now be cooked in a bathtub, basement, or a self-made lab. To increase the product’s strength, the meth “cook” combines the substance with chemicals such as battery acid, drain cleaner and antifreeze. After removal of the illicit laboratory equipment and chemicals, residual amounts of chemicals and byproducts are usually found on interior surfaces and furnishings.

“Cooking one pound of meth produces 5-6 pounds of toxic waste.”  

These dangerous chemicals enter the body by being breathed, eaten, or absorbed through the skin. Exposure to high levels of these contaminants can cause serious health issues and in severe cases, death. Indiana’s response to illegal drug labs include:

  • Our health department prohibits occupancy until it has been properly cleaned and is no longer hazardous to occupy.
  • An IDEM qualified inspector must be used to clean the property and certify that it has been properly cleaned.

Damage Doctors has invested in the training, equipment and supplies to:

  • Conduct assessment, using Method 8270C to determine scope and extent of contamination.
  • Supervise and/or perform the decontamination process.
  • Complete the Certificate of Illegal Drug Lab Cleanup and other required documentation.
  • Dispose or arrange for disposal of wastes in accordance with 329 IAC 3.1, 327 IAC 7.1 and 329 IAC 10.

We have always been passionate about our mission to help people when their world has been disrupted by fire, flood, storm and other disasters. Damage Doctors is now committed to helping property owners, home-buyers, realtors and the home insurance community navigate through the various issues associated with these contaminated and unsafe properties.

Damage Doctors. How damage gets undone.

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