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Fire is a universal threat to home owners. While the fire department might extinguish the
flames in time to salvage your house, it’s likely just the beginning. Immediately, you might require board-up and/or tarping services for windows, doors and roof to secure your property from further damage due to weather and/or uninvited, looting human (and animal) “guests.” 

Your home’s interior and belongings will likely be saturated with water spouted from fire hoses to put out the flames.  Acidic soot and the intense odor of smoke will be everywhere – even in areas far removed from the source of the fire.   

Understandably, these situations are often emotionally devastating and overwhelming.  Damage Doctors has the experience and empathy to guide you through the restoration process, and return you to normal as quickly as possible. 

Damage Doctors’ technicians are IICRC-certified in fire restoration and contents cleaning.  We provide a swift and effective resolution to fire damaged structures and contents, including:

  • emergency board-up services
  • emergency soft goods pack-out and cleaning, so that you have clothing to wear while the rest of your belongings are being restored
  • contents pack-out, cleaning and storage – Contents Page
  • structural restoration
  • water extraction and mitigation
  • comprehensive cleaning for soot and odor removal
    • baking soda blasting
    • HEPA & charcoal filtered air scrubbers
    • ozone generators
    • ultrasonic dunk tank
    • carpet cleaning
  • full put-back services to interior and exterior

Free Site Survey & Estimate

We’ll give you a free estimate to determine the extent of the damage, assess the necessary steps needed for restoration, and calculate the cost and time required. We will provide you with a written, easy-to-understand,  Scope of Work and Estimate. Damage Doctors uses the same estimating software as the insurance companies.

Fire Damage Restoration Process Overview

Damage Doctors will do all it takes to restore your home to its original state. By clearing out smoke, soot and odors, washing surfaces and repainting, repairing or replacing areas of the structure, your home will be as good as new.


Once you hire us to handle your fire restoration, a certified technician will go to your site and conduct an inspection. They will make a determination as to how much damage was done to your home by fire, smoke, water and/or chemicals. As a result of the inspection, we will develop a plan to clean and restore your property. Once you and your insurance company approve the plan, the work can begin. It is very important to start restoration and cleaning as soon as possible after a fire, because the longer you wait, the worse the damage will be.

Clear Out Odors

One of the first things we do is to bring in large, industrial equipment to remove smoke and odors from your home. This is a very important step, because smoke can contain corrosive substances that will continue to damage your appliances, electronics, furniture and surfaces until it is removed. This equipment also helps dry out walls and floors that may have been damaged by water.

Remove Residue

Once smoke and odors are removed, our team will go through the area and clean soot from walls, ceilings and floors. This will involve several important measures to discourage further damage and mold growth. Walls, ceilings and woodwork will be professionally treated and cleaned to remove soot.

Protect Unaffected Sections

If some parts of your home were not involved in the fire, we will close off those areas to keep odors and soot from moving into them and causing further damage. Some items, such as furniture, appliances and personal items, that were undamaged can be removed and put into storage until repairs and cleaning are complete.

Repaint, Replace, Repair

After the soot and smoke odor has been removed, some areas of the structure may need to be painted, repaired or rebuilt completely as part of the fire restoration process. Sometimes cleaning will remove soot from walls and ceilings, but they often need to be repainted. Sometimes flooring can be scrubbed or sanded, but in some instances it needs to be replaced, as does carpeting. It is necessary to compile an inventory of items that are damaged beyond repair for filing insurance claims.

Contact Us

Your house is more than a roof over your head; it is your sanctuary, and when it is damaged, you want to find someone you can trust to restore it. When you hire a fire restoration company, you want someone who will keep you informed and let you know how the process is going. At Damage Doctors we work quickly, efficiently and professionally to perform fire restoration services to get you back into your home as quickly as possible.

We Speak Insurance

Often, it is helpful to have the eyes of an experienced contractor available when creating a scope of work for the post-fire repairs and restoration.  As a normal part of our fire restoration process, Damage Doctors will perform an on-site walk-through with your insurance adjuster to identify and discuss all of the fire-affected areas. Throughout the entire claims-handling and restoration process, we provide photo documentation to and communicate with your insurance adjuster and agent to maintain transparency and eliminate delays to completion.

Contents Removal, Storage and Cleaning – Click here to go to Contents Page.

  • Digital image inventory of all affected belongings
  • Carefully packed and brought to Damage Doctors secure facility
  • Ultra-sonic contents cleaning center to remove soot and residue
  • Deodorization room for soft goods
  • Electronics cleaning
  • Clothing/ laundry cleaning consultative services
  • Climate controlled and secure storage at Damage Doctors facility for easy access during reconstruction

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